Unity3D Wrapper for Awesomium, Web-Browser Framework
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Web-Browsing in Unity3D

UnityAwe is a Unity3D wrapper for Awesomium. It allows you to render and interact with web-pages within any Unity3D scene.


This version depends on Awesomium 1.6.2 and Unity 3.4.

How Do I Use This?

  1. Copy the "release" files from the Awesomium SDK to your Unity Editor's path. (on Windows: Awesomium.dll, AwesomiumProcess.exe, icudt42.dll, locales folder -- on Mac OSX: Awesomium.framework)

  2. Add WebTexture.cs, WebCoreHelper.cs, and AwesomiumMono.dll to your assets folder.

  3. Drag the "WebTexture" script onto any game object or GUI texture to make it display a web-page.

We've also provided an example script (Example_CustomHTML.cs) that demonstrates how to load custom HTML, bind properties/callbacks to Javascript, and more. Just add it to your asset folder and drag it to a GameObject or GUITexture to make it display.

Common Unity3D Editor folder paths:

Windows = C:\Program Files(x86)\Unity\Editor

Mac = /Applications/Unity/Unity.app/Contents/Frameworks

When copying to the Mac application, you may need to right-click the Unity app, and select Show Package Contents.

Displaying with GUITexture

Make sure your GUITexture pixel inset size matches the size specified in the WebTexture script, otherwise mouse input won't work correctly.

Deploying Your Application

Make sure to copy over the Awesomium SDK files to your respective application.

On Mac, you will need to copy Awesomium.framework to your application bundle's Frameworks folder (right-click, show package contents).

Known Issues

Awesomium doesn't like to be initialized more than once per-process, so some web-pages will not display twice in a row inside the Editor (eg, pushing play, stop, play, stop).


We've provided a copy of AwesomiumMono.dll for Windows and Mac OSX inside the bin folder.

To build AwesomiumMono, please check out khrona/AwesomiumSharp on GitHub.


Awesomium is free for evaluation, non-commercial use, and independent use (by companies who made less than $100K in revenue last year).

If you're a larger company and would like to use Awesomium for commercial use, you can purchase a Pro License at http://awesomium.com/buy/