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Supported hardware

Work in progress

Ways to check hardware

  • Speccy
  • Device Manager
  • Product support docs

CPU Compatibility

  • Sierra needs SSE4,1
  • Pentiums and some Xeons need CPU ID spoof
  • AMD CPUs need kernel patches

GPU Compatibility

Motherboard Compatibility

  • All AMD and Intel boards are supported
  • Z390 and some HEDT systems will need emulated NVRAM
  • Some Z370 and Z390 boards have AWAC clocks, these are incompatible with macOS and so will need an RTC fix

SSD Compatibility

  • No eMMC storage
  • Samsung PM981 and early 970 Evo Plus models don't work(970EvoPlus requires a firmware upgrade to work)
  • See Anti-Hackintosh-Buyers-Guide for more info

Audio Compatibility

  • See the AppleALC wiki for supported codecs: Supported codecs
  • Ryzen MIC only works on VoodooHDA and there's no MIC support on 15/16h AMD CPUs


See supported chipset on respective drivers:

Unsupported ethernet models:

  • Realtek L8200A(Only found in Asus boards)
  • Realtek RTL8125(2.5Gbe, mostly found on higher end gaming boards)

And see Wireless Buyers Guide for supported wifi cards.

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