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Legacy Install

Wanna try OpenCore but can't boot UEFI based sources? Well don't fret, there's hope for you! OpenCore supports DuetPkg which emulates a UEFI environment for legacy systems.

To start, you need the following:

  • BootInstall.command
  • Install source

BootInstall Location

Within your OpenCore build folder, navigate to Utilities/BootInstall. Here you'll find a file called BootInstall.command. What this does is install DuetPkg to your desired drive.

Now you'll want to run BootInstall.command, do note that you may need sudo for this to work correctly on newer versions of macOS

sudo Utilities/BootInstall/BootInstall.command

Disk Selection/writing new MBR

This will give you a list of available disks, choose yours and you will be prompted to write a new MBR. Choose yes[y] and you'll be finished.

Finished Installer

Base EFI

This will provide you with an EFI partition with a boot file, this is where we'll add our OpenCore EFI.

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