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So through so many troubleshooting posts with new users on this Subreddit, I finally felt that we needed to formally address why we don’t support Tonymacx86 tools AT ALL.

So why do we hate Tonymacx86 so much?

Well to start, we don’t hate them. There’s plenty of issues on the forum but no website is perfect, where we take real issue from are their tools. These tools, specifically UniBeast and MultiBeast, are very poor in quality for multiple reasons:

  • Outdated: They will never have the up to date clover which can cause real issues if a MacOS update requires Clover to be up to a certain version but this becomes a serious issue when kexts are involved. A great example of this is how 10.14.4 broke most "Golden Builds" which required a quick update to WhateverGreen to get around this. With Tonymacx86 tools, you don't know how long it'll take to update them or know what version they're running
  • Stolen files: Though this isn’t a real issue anymore, these tools had stolen files from other developers in the Hackintosh community who they didn’t credit to. This makes it hard to really trust them even today with that kind of track record, but that's more of a moral gripe than anything. Just some examples of how sketchy they can be:
  • Missing important parts: This is probably the thing that has given me the most headache when helping others with their Hackintoshes, they’re missing so many important files or portions of their config.plist that can be essential to making a hackintosh work. And because of this, it can be quite frustrating even finding out where to start to fix your system, plus incomplete Config.plist's can result in Blacklisted iCloud accounts. This will usually happen when Apple notices a Machine accessing its servers with a faulty System ID, which they'll proceed to ban the Serial number and AppleID associated as they'll assume its either a Bot or a Hackintosh.
  • Being closed source: As these tools are closed source, it's hard to tell what these tools are trying to do without putting a bit of reverse engineering to work. With these stolen files in mind, it's hard to tell if they really can be trusted even if they're not doing anything malicious
  • Cluttering your local file system: This is quite an important one as it makes it extremely hard to actually fix your Hackintosh, the reasoning being is that all your Hackintosh potions are mixed in with MacOS making things quite a bit harder for knowing what kexts are built-in and which aren't. Beast tools place third party kexts in /L/E and often modify first-party kexts in /S/L/E causing serious issues with troubleshooting
  • Not Knowing what you're doing: This is the number 1 biggest reason why we personally distaste Tonymacx86 tools and even their platform, in general, is that their users have not a single clue on how their Hackintoshes work or even where to get started on troubleshooting. Hackintoshing requires a lot of work on the user and skipping out on these kinds of parts just by running some "program" you downloaded is only making the issue worse. Do you know how many comments we get asking what is a SMBIOS when I’m trying to help troubleshoot? It’s absolutely ridiculous how the simplest things are considered too much work for some.

So where do I go from here?

Well due to Tonymacx86 tools modify macOS's file system, it can be really difficult to rescue the system and restore it to a "Vanilla" state. Therefore it's recommended to make a backup and reinstall following the Vanilla Guide, unfortunately, there is no shortcut when you want to hackintosh the right way


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