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SaschaWillems Add support for VK_EXT_debug_utils to framework, including a new samp…
…le and tutorial (#56)

* Add support for validation with VK_EXT_Debug_Utils

Will fall back to the old VK_EXT_Debug_Report extensions if not supported

* Add new extensions sample for VK_EXT_Debug_Utils

* Destroy debug utils callback

* Only use debug utils functions of extension is available

* Add name to skysphere texture image

Add queue label

* Added tutorial for using the debug utilities extension with a debugger like RenderDoc

* Fix clang format and copyright headers

* Check against actually enabled instance extension to determine if debug utils can be used

Display a clear warning with reasons if debug utilities are not available

* Updated debug utils creation to use pNext instance structure chaining

* Updated readme

Fix spelling, add links

* Subpass dependencies

* Clang format

* Added hints to image markings

* Expanded setup chapter with differences between implicit and explicit debug utilities messenger creation

* Explicitly create callback, update readme

* Add debug utilities sample to api readme

* Use add_sample for CMake

* Fixed typo

* Properly initialize sub pass dependencies

* Adjusted subpass dependency access masks

* Manual Fixes to accommodate for recent framework changes on master
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Vulkan Samples

Vulkan Samples banner



The Vulkan Samples is collection of resources to help you develop optimized Vulkan applications.

If you are new to Vulkan the API samples are the right place to start. Additionally you may find the following links useful:

Performance samples show the recommended best practice together with real-time profiling information. They are more advanced but also contain a detailed tutorial with more in-detail explanations.


  • Create a collection of resources that demonstrate best-practice recommendations in Vulkan
  • Create tutorials that explain the implementation of best-practices and include performance analysis guides
  • Create a framework that can be used as reference material and also as a sandbox for advanced experimentation with Vulkan



Clone the repo with submodules using the following command:

git clone --recurse-submodules
cd Vulkan-Samples

Follow build instructions for your platform below.


Supported Platforms


The following shows some example command line usage on how to configure and run the Vulkan Samples.

# Run Swapchain Images sample
vulkan_samples swapchain_images

# Run AFBC sample in benchmark mode for 5000 frames
vulkan_samples --sample afbc --benchmark 5000

# Run bonza test offscreen
vulkan_samples --test bonza --hide

# Run all the performance samples
vulkan_samples --batch performance

# Run Swapchain Images sample on an Android device
adb shell am start-activity -n com.khronos.vulkan_samples/com.khronos.vulkan_samples.SampleLauncherActivity -e sample swapchain_images




This project has some third-party dependencies, each of which may have independent licensing:

  • astc-encoder: ASTC Evaluation Codec
  • CTPL: Thread Pool Library
  • docopt: A C++11 port of the Python argument parsing library
  • glfw: A multi-platform library for OpenGL, OpenGL ES, Vulkan, window and input
  • glm: OpenGL Mathematics
  • glslang: Shader front end and validator
  • dear imgui: Immediate Mode Graphical User Interface
  • HWCPipe: Interface to mobile Hardware Counters
  • KTX-Software: Khronos Texture Library and Tools
  • spdlog: Fast C++ logging library
  • SPIRV-Cross: Parses and converts SPIR-V to other shader languages
  • stb: Single-file public domain (or MIT licensed) libraries
  • tinygltf: Header only C++11 glTF 2.0 file parser
  • nlohmann json: C++ JSON Library (included by tinygltf)
  • vma: Vulkan Memory Allocator
  • volk: Meta loader for Vulkan API
  • vulkan: Sources for the formal documentation of the Vulkan API

This project uses assets from vulkan-samples-assets. Each one has its own licence.


Vulkan is a registered trademark of the Khronos Group Inc.


Donated to Khronos by Arm, with further contributions by Sascha Willems and Adam Sawicki. See CONTRIBUTORS for the full contributor list.

Also see CONTRIBUTING for contribution guidelines.

Related resources

  • Mali GPU Best Practices: A document with recommendations for efficient API usage
  • PerfDoc: A Vulkan layer which aims to validate applications against Mali GPU Best Practices
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