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Hoppy - A C++ FFI generator for Haskell

Hoppy brings all the fun of pointers and manual memory management to Haskell, making binding to C++ easy.


Copyright 2015-2020 Bryan Gardiner

A range of successive copyright years may be written as XXXX-YYYY as an abbreviation for listing all of the years from XXXX to YYYY inclusive, individually.

The LICENSE file contains information about Hoppy's license.


If you just want to install Hoppy to use it as a dependency of another project, then all you need to do is build and install the Cabal package in runtime/.

Hoppy consists of four Cabal packages:

  • generator/ holds the code generator library. Developers specify interfaces in Haskell code, that then link against this library to produce a generator program that can create actual binding source code. This package is only used while generating code, and isn't a dependency of generated bindings.

  • std/ provides interface definitions for the C++ standard library, including strings, containers, and iterators.

  • runtime/ is a runtime support library for Haskell bindings. This is needed by generated Haskell code, so bindings created using Hoppy should list this as package as a dependency in their .cabal files.

  • docs/ contains documentation written using Haddock. It depends on the previous packages for hyperlinks.

It can be built and installed with the script.

If you are using the Nix package manager, see for more information about using Hoppy with it.

There is a user's guide written using Haddock at docs/src/Foreign/Hoppy/Documentation/UsersGuide.hs. You can read it as is, or browse the HTML files in docs/dist/doc after building.


Patches are welcome! Please enable the pre-commit hook at scripts/git-pre-commit which checks lint and copyright/license issues:

$ ln -s ../../scripts/git-pre-commit .git/hooks/pre-commit

Also please try to fix warnings that your changes introduce, check that the unit tests in the tests/ directory pass, and follow local style, or the style guide.


C++ FFI generator for Haskell. Mirror of; pull requests there or by email please!





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