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Hoppy - A C++ FFI generator for Haskell

Hoppy brings all the fun of pointers and manual memory management to Haskell, making binding to C++ easy.

Homepage: http://khumba.net/projects/hoppy

Copyright 2015-2018 Bryan Gardiner bog@khumba.net

A range of successive copyright years may be written as XXXX-YYYY as an abbreviation for listing all of the years from XXXX to YYYY inclusive, individually.

The LICENSE file contains information about Hoppy's license.


  • GHC 7.8-8.0
  • haskell-src (for binding development only)
  • mtl (for binding development only)

If you just want to install Hoppy to use it as a dependency of another project, then all you need to do is build and install the Cabal package in runtime/.


Hoppy consists of four Cabal packages:

  • generator/ holds the code generator library. Developers specify interfaces in Haskell code, that then link against this library to produce a generator program that can create actual binding source code. This package is only used while generating code, and isn't a dependency of generated bindings.

  • std/ provides interface definitions for the C++ standard library, including strings, containers, and iterators.

  • runtime/ is a runtime support library for Haskell bindings. This is needed by generated Haskell code, so bindings created using Hoppy should list this as package as a dependency in their .cabal files.

  • docs/ contains documentation written using Haddock. It depends on the previous packages for hyperlinks.

It can be built and installed with the install.sh script.

There is a user's guide written using Haddock at docs/src/Foreign/Hoppy/Documentation/UsersGuide.hs. You can read it as is, or browse the HTML files in docs/dist/doc after building.


Patches welcome! Please enable the pre-commit hook at scripts/git-pre-commit which checks lint and copyright/license issues:

$ ln -s ../../scripts/git-pre-commit .git/hooks/pre-commit

Also please try to fix warnings that your changes introduce, check that the unit tests in the tests/ directory pass, and follow local style, or the style guide.