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Hi, I'm bones

I'm a happy little skeleton. You can clone me to use as a starter on your projects! I have React, Redux, Sequelize, and Express all just rattling around in here ready to go.

I need node >= 6.7.0

If you don't have it, I'll complain and tell you how to install it.

1. Make me into something!

We recommend that you clone, not fork, this repo – unless your intention is to develop Bones proper instead of using Bones as the starting point for your own application.

Start by doing either of the following:

  • Create a GitHub repo and clone it, or
  • git init in an empty directory on your machine.

After you have a repo on your machine:

git remote add bones
git fetch bones
git merge bones/master

And then you'll have me! If I change – which I probably will – you can get the most recent version by doing this again:

git fetch bones
git merge bones/master

2. I need a name.

I don't have a name. I think I used to have one, but it turned to dust right along with my heart and liver and pituitary gland and all that stuff.

Anyway, I'll need one. Give me a name in package.json.

3. Start my dusty heart

Short and sweet:

npm install
npm run dev

The dev script sets NODE_ENV to "development", runs the build script in watch mode, and starts the server with nodemon. Build vs server logs are separated by a prefix. If you prefer to run the server and build processes separately, you can instead do:

npm run start-dev
npm run build-dev

In two separate terminals. The vanilla npm start is for production — you won't use it in development!

My anatomy

/app has the React/Redux setup. main.jsx is the entry point.

/db has the Sequelize models and database setup. It'll create the database for you if it doesn't exist, assuming you're using postgres.

/server has the Express server and routes. start.js is the entry point.

/bin has scripts. (Right now it has one script that creates a useful symlink.)


I use require and module.exports in .js files.

I use import and export in .jsx files, unless require makes for cleaner code.

I use two spaces, no semi-colons, and trailing commas where possible. I'll have a linter someday soon.