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= Package Name: polar2grid
= Author:       David Hoese, Ray Garcia, Eva Schiffer, William Straka
= Organization: Space Science and Engineering Center (SSEC UW-Madison)
= Description:  Library and scripts for remapping VIIRS data to AWIPS NC files

polar2grid should be used as an internal package to the polar2grid software
bundle.  The software bundle includes C and Python packages/libraries
to properly go from polar orbitting satellite data to a number of various
formats.  Like VIIRS imager data to AWIPS-compatible NC files.  polar2grid is
tested using the ShellB3 python environment, which includes the necessary
python packages.  ShellB3 is part of the polar2grid software bundle.

The polar2grid python package can be installed like any normal python egg:
    "easy_install polar2grid"
    "python install"
    "untar polar2grid-<version>.tar.gz; export PYTHONPATH=polar2grid/:$PYTONPATH"

Use Notes
It requires that the ms2gt utilties 'll2cr' and 'fornav' be in the PATH
environment variable.  polar2grid uses a custom version of ms2gt with
certain bug fixes that are not available through the current maintainer.

See the sphinx documentation for how-tos and other usage notes.

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