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                           ISIS 3 DLM Software
                            September 8, 2004
                        Updated: August 3, 2005
                               Kris Becker

This directory contains the ISIS 3 IDL DLM software system.  It utilizes
the IDL Dynamically Loadable Module (DLM) mechanism.  This particular
package is built using a generic DLM toolkit, IdlDlm.  This toolkit is
entirely written in C++ and has made the creation of DLMs much easier and
far more generalized than the brute force approach.

The src directory contains all the source code for this toolkit.

The doc directory has general documents and WWW browser ready documented
generated by Doxygen.  There is more documentation with this release.

The tests directory contains some test software using this package.

To set up the DLM for immediate use, simple set the ISISDLM environment
variable to the top root directory.  This is something like:


Then source the file $ISISDLM/bin/dlm_setup.csh.

Prior to running the system, ensure you have the ISIS 3 system set up

Once the system is properly configured, you can run the test suite
in the $ISISDLM/tests directory.

Documentation is in $ISISDLM/doc and can be viewed in any browser.  To 
view the documentation using netscape, use:

netscape $ISISDLM/doc/html/index.html


Kris Becker
Computer Scientist