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Asynch Image Loader in ListView
Customized ListView with Threading
GUI Basic Controls with Events
Logo Moving Turtle
Threading with Loading Processing Dialouge
XML Parsing Using SaxParser


Android Examples : i've implemented Android Examples on GUI Handeling, Threading, Asynchronous Loading and Processing, 2D Canvas Drawing, XML Parsing.

Project Listing:

1-GUI Basic Controls with Events: Alert Dialouge, Toast Messages, Yes/No Dialouge Boxes, ListViews With Events.

2-XML Parsing Using SaxParser: Parsing offline XML File using Event Driven Parsing Method "SAX Parser".

3-Threading with Loading Processing Dialouge: Showing progress Dialouge with updates to number of processed or loaded items.

4-Customized ListView with Threading: Custom made ListView rows to show items processed and fetched in another thread.

5-Asynch Image Loader in ListView: Loading Images into listview in Asynchronous Way.

6-Logo Moving Turtle: 2D Threading Canvas for Drawing with a Player Sprit that takes direction of moving similar to Logo.