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Commits on Oct 18, 2011
  1. @marcgreen

    Remove redefined subroutines

    marcgreen authored
    They must have snuck their way in during the merge.
  2. @marcgreen

    Update MANIFEST

    marcgreen authored
  3. @marcgreen

    Add Marc Green to AUTHORS

    marcgreen authored
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  5. @marcgreen
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  8. @marcgreen
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  10. @marcgreen
  11. @marcgreen
  12. @marcgreen
  13. @marcgreen
  14. @marcgreen
  15. @marcgreen
  16. @marcgreen

    Replace 'itemless =over/=back block' with 'empty =over/=back block' e…

    marcgreen authored
    …rror check; clean up some docs
  17. @marcgreen
  18. @marcgreen
  19. @marcgreen
  20. @marcgreen
  21. @marcgreen
  22. @marcgreen
  23. @marcgreen
  24. @marcgreen

    Allow directives that Pod::Simple autocloses to be recognized in subc…

    marcgreen authored
    =end/=back directives now pass an attribute hash ref, similar to the
    hash ref passed in all _handle_element_start() calls, to
    _handle_element_end(). This allows subclasses to see if there exists
    a key 'fake-closer' which would signify that Pod::Simple generated the
    closing directive and it is not really present in the POD source.
    Pod::Simple::Methody has been updated to pass the hash ref through too.
  25. @marcgreen
  26. @marcgreen
  27. @marcgreen
  28. @marcgreen

    Fix bug-causing typo

    marcgreen authored
  29. @marcgreen
  30. @marcgreen
  31. @marcgreen
  32. @marcgreen

    Update test case to be more Pod::Simple friendly.

    marcgreen authored
    The nested =begins are now correctly closed so that Pod::Simple knows
    to start caring about the POD instead of thinking it was still inside
    a =begin block.
    The space in the nested L<>s is removed to avoid the trailing
    whitespace error from being reported.
  33. @marcgreen
  34. @marcgreen
  35. @marcgreen
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