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Kiali UI


A UI for the Kiali Istio Observability Project


  • React.js

  • Redux

Quick Start

npm install -g yarn
yarn start

A new browser window should automatically open. But, if it doesn’t then use: http://localhost:3000

This launches a development environment that instantly reloads any changes to the browser for rapid development.

Directory Structure

  • build: Production build output

  • public: Home of index.html

  • src: Source and test code

  • src/app: React top level component

  • src/assets: Images and other assets

  • src/components: Stateless components (pure functions)

  • src/pages: Top level pages and nested components

  • src/types: Shared model


We use yarn as the package manager, if adding dependencies to package.json make sure you install them with yarn and commit the yarn.lock file.

Testing with Kiali

When developing, it is usual to run this application outside of kiali.

It is possible to proxy the API requests without having to push the changes to kiali. Add the proxy property to package.json with the url of kiali.

  "name": "kiali-ui",
  "version": "0.2.1",
  "proxy": "",
  "bugs": {

Run yarn start and try it!

$ curl -u admin:admin http://localhost:3000/api
Namespaces: [default istio-system kube-public kube-system myproject openshift openshift-infra openshift-node]

Namespace: default Services [docker-registry kubernetes router]

Service Name: docker-registry
Service Labels:
docker-registry = default
Type: ClusterIP
The proxy will only serve requests without the text/html accept header, using the browser directly won’t work.


PatternFly is the main UI components framework. It defines style based on SASS preprocessor. All Patternfly build assets are copied to src. Any React component may have its related SCSS file (such as App.scss - this one includes all PatternFly Sass along with PatternFly React Sass extensions). Once Sass compiles, the resulting CSS can be found next to its SCSS counterpart (ex: src/app/App.css).

To compile CSS, run:

yarn build-css

Note: Only static assets which are import 'ed into your application will be included in your resulting build output.

RCUE Styling

To use the RCUE styled css instead of normal Patternfly

For development run:

env REACT_APP_RCUE=true yarn start

For production build run:

env REACT_APP_RCUE=true yarn build

Style Code Guide


To run the tests, the standard command yarn test is valid, but since some tests are using snapshots the preferred command is to update them in the same time:

yarn test -u

Then hit a to run all tests.

After running the tests, if any snapshot has been modified (check git status), the diff should be reviewed to make sure it’s an intentional or trivial change. Modified snapshots must be part of the commit so that they’re reviewed collectively and won’t make CI build fail.

Note: for OS/X users testing requires watchman to be installed

brew install watchman

Production Builds

Use yarn build which will bundle the build artifacts using webpack into the build directory.

Configure Kiali

Use the config file to configure Kiali-UI.

Environment Variable Name Description and YAML Setting


Time in minutes when session will expire. (default is 30 minutes)



The default duration of charts in seconds. (default is 60 seconds)

toolbar: {
  defaultDuration: 1 * UNIT_TIME.MINUTE


The options for the duration of charts.

toolbar: {
  intervalDuration: {
    60: 'Last minute',
    300: 'Last 5 minutes',
    600: 'Last 10 minutes',
    1800: 'Last 30 minutes',
    3600: 'Last hour',
    10800: 'Last 3 hours',
    21600: 'Last 6 hours',
    43200: 'Last 12 hours',
    86400: 'Last day',
    604800: 'Last 7 days',
    2592000: 'Last 30 days'


Time for the refresh of the information. (default is 15 seconds)

toolbar: {
  defaultPollInterval: 15 * MILLISECONDS


The options for the refresh of the information.

toolbar: {
  pollInterval: {
    0: 'Pause',
    5000: '5 seconds',
    10000: '10 seconds',
    15000: '15 seconds',
    30000: '30 seconds',
    60000: '1 minute',
    300000: '5 minutes'


The types of layouts for graph.

toolbar: {
  graphLayouts: {
    cola: 'Cola',
    'cose-bilkent': 'Cose',
    dagre: 'Dagre'


The threshold limits to show in the charts.

toolbar: {
  threshold: {
    percentErrorSevere: 2.0,
    percentErrorWarn: 0.1

See the LICENSE file.