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package destinationrules
import (
type MeshWideMTLSChecker struct {
DestinationRule kubernetes.IstioObject
MTLSDetails kubernetes.MTLSDetails
func (m MeshWideMTLSChecker) Check() ([]*models.IstioCheck, bool) {
validations := make([]*models.IstioCheck, 0)
// if DestinationRule doesn't enable mTLS, stop validation with any check
if enabled, _ := kubernetes.DestinationRuleHasMeshWideMTLSEnabled(m.DestinationRule); !enabled {
return validations, true
// otherwise, check among MeshPolicies for a rule enabling mesh-wide mTLS
for _, mp := range m.MTLSDetails.MeshPolicies {
if enabled, _ := kubernetes.PolicyHasMTLSEnabled(mp); enabled {
return validations, true
check := models.Build("destinationrules.mtls.meshpolicymissing", "spec/trafficPolicy/tls/mode")
validations = append(validations, &check)
return validations, false
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