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package checkers
import (
const MeshPolicyCheckerType = "meshpolicy"
type MeshPolicyChecker struct {
MeshPolicies []kubernetes.IstioObject
MTLSDetails kubernetes.MTLSDetails
func (m MeshPolicyChecker) Check() models.IstioValidations {
validations := models.IstioValidations{}
for _, meshPolicy := range m.MeshPolicies {
return validations
// runChecks runs all the individual checks for a single mesh policy and appends the result into validations.
func (m MeshPolicyChecker) runChecks(meshPolicy kubernetes.IstioObject) models.IstioValidations {
meshPolicyName := meshPolicy.GetObjectMeta().Name
key := models.IstioValidationKey{Name: meshPolicyName, ObjectType: MeshPolicyCheckerType}
rrValidation := &models.IstioValidation{
Name: meshPolicyName,
ObjectType: MeshPolicyCheckerType,
Valid: true,
Checks: []*models.IstioCheck{},
enabledCheckers := []Checker{
meshpolicies.MtlsChecker{MeshPolicy: meshPolicy, MTLSDetails: m.MTLSDetails},
for _, checker := range enabledCheckers {
checks, validChecker := checker.Check()
rrValidation.Checks = append(rrValidation.Checks, checks...)
rrValidation.Valid = rrValidation.Valid && validChecker
return models.IstioValidations{key: rrValidation}
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