Nagios plugin to check PF (OpenBSD packet filter) status
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check_pf (v0.1) by Kian Mohageri <>

This plugin is intended for use with Nagios (

This plugin checks the number of states in the pf (OpenBSD packet filter)
state table, and compares this number against the WARNING and CRITICAL
thresholds, which may be specified on the command-line or omitted.

The default thresholds are based upon the current hard state limit set
for pf(4), typically via pf.conf(5).


This plugin needs to be able to open the pf(4) pseudo-device, which is
mode 600 by default.  If 'nagios' is the only thing that needs access to it,
you can change the group of the device and make it mode 640.

	# chgrp nagios /dev/pf
	# chmod 640 /dev/pf

On FreeBSD 5.x and later, you will need to also make sure this persists across
reboots when the devices are recreated.

Add the following to /etc/devfs.conf:

	# nrpe2/nagios needs to be able to read statistics
	own     pf    root:nagios
	perm    pf    0640

If you can't do that or don't want to, then create a group with permission
and make the user that runs this plugin a member of that group but DON'T just
make the device available to everyone.


To install this plugin, do the following:

	# make
	# make install 

You can manually specify the location to install the plugin:

	# make install DESTDIR=/usr/local/nagios/plugins/ 

You can remove it as follows:

	# make uninstall DESTDIR=/usr/local/nagios/plugins/