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Change Log for Sahana 0.6.4 Maintenance Release
Maintenance release that addresses forward compatibility in PHP 5.3 for variables
being passed by reference.
for the diff.
Change Log for Sahana 0.6.3 Security Release
Cumulative release which addresses security vulnerabilities documented here:
Change Log for Sahana Update release.
Sahana Setup
* Fixed password re-appearance on form in the setup if a page has errors.
* Added support for hosted environments.
* Added an About Sahana page.
Disaster Victims Registry
* Added validations for the group head when adding new individuals.
* Added validation to check numeric values.
* Added a block image when person image is not available.
* Added confirmation messages with person name instead of person id.
Missing Person Registry
* Fixed image loosing bug when updating a missing person
* Re-edit button added to confirmation page of edit missing person
* Fixed address loosing bug when updating a missing person
* Confirmation message added to remove tracker in edit missing person
Inventory Management System
* Fixed an unnecessary ACL check when the user wasn't logged in.
Organization Registry
* The organization search now displays [ALL] as the default option in drop down boxes.
Volunteer Management
* Added Internationalization support.
* Added option to enable/disable soundex search under 'Advanced Search'.
* Fixed skills tree to support non-native language with utf8 character delimiters.
* Added paging support to pages which return large number of records.
* Added tool to convert template (tpl) files to inc files to support xgettext scripting.
* Fixed minor Internet Explorer browser incompatibility problem.
* Modified context help messages to be clearer to the user.
* Fixed ACL issue with dbsetup.sql script
* Show which plugin is selected
* Map Display error in Windows