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08 th January 2010
Sahana - Install
o Assume that php and MySQL installed and working properly.
o php 5.x or later
o MySQL 4.1 or later
o Apache web server 2.x or later
o latest php5-gd libs
o Download Sahana latest release (preferably 'stable' version, if available).
Please read README file for download instructions.
o Extract the downloaded file to a proper place (if apt-get use, then it'll do it automatically ;-)
For example,
and create a symlink to exact location,
ln -s /usr/share/sahana/www/ /var/www/sahana
or even extracting directly to /var/www/ (no syminks is necessary in this case).
o Try to access Sahana from a client machine,
If client and server are the same then use loop-back address,
o "Sahana Web Setup" will appear on the browser.
o Select appropriate seetings and click on "Setup Database" button. Normally default values will do (remember
to enter correct password to connect with database).
o Select a "Theme"
o Enter a location to write temporary configuration file.
o Click on "Write Configuration File" button.
o Copy temporarily created configuration file to Sahana configuration directory, In GNU/Linux,
cp /tmp/ /usr/share/sahana/conf/
o Click on "Start Sahana".