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  • A collection of configuration files for the typical console programs bash, vim, screen, tmux, and misc.

  • The dfm (dotfiles manager) is used to manage all the dotfiles. See for full documentation.


  • By default it should works for Ubuntu/Debian-based distos.
  • Use the bootstrap shell script to install all necessary packages. $ wget -qO- | bash -
  • If you need the latest Vim version under Debian/Ubuntu, use the bin/ script to build the Debian packages.
  • If you want to use pass, the standard unix password manager. Follow these steps:
    • $ gpg --gen-key # generate the key
    • $ gpg -k # verify your generated key
    • $ exec bash -l # reload your bash
    • $ pass init 11223344 # 11223344 is your gpg id
    • $ pass generate test 12 # generate a test password

Vim's Key Bindings

Shortcuts Description
, Leader key
jj Exist from insert mode into normal mode.
,p Toggle between Paste and normal mode.
,l Cycle between buffers.
,t Show tag list.
,nn Show NERDTree file manager.
,bb Start Bash shell in another tab.
,pp Start PostgreSQL prompt in another tab.
,mm Start MySQL prompt in another tab.
:w!! Save file with root privileges.

Tmux's Key Bindings

Shortcuts Description
` Prefix key (backtick)
`` Type backtick in console.
Alt+j Switch to left tab.
Alt+k Switch to right tab.
`\ Split window vertically.
`- Split window horizontally.
`j Move up to top window.
`k Move down to down window.
`h Move to left window.
`l Move to right window.
`/ Split a new window and man page for cmd.
`~ Split a new window and run htop.
`r Reload your .tmux.conf config file.
Shift+PgUp Show previous page.

Bash's Key Bindings

Shortcuts Description
ESC Toggle Vi editing mode.
j/k Scroll history forward or backward.
h/l Move cursor forward or backward in the line.


  • In console, for quick access to regular accessed folders, just type z and TAB.