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SASS-CSS Bolierplate

#Description This boilerplate was created to be used alongside with HTML5 boilerplate. I use SASS with most of my projects and I have converted the style.css file that is in HTML5 boilerplate to work with SASS. This is the result of the migration from CSS to SASS CSS.

#Components In the HTML5 boilerplate css file (style.css) contains great styling and for the purposes of this project, I haven't made much changes to it. However I have broken the file into the following components:

  • normalize.scss: this file contains the normalize css for the boilerplate. Some components have been abstracted and placed in a file named "_normalize-mixins.scss".
  • helper.scss: this file contains the helper classes (for example .ir and .hidden classes).
  • padding-margin.scss: this file contains all the padding and margin classes to override individual padding and margins.
  • style.scss: this file will contain all the site specific css information.
  • partials: This folder contains all the partial SASS CSS files that will help in abstraction of css and data. All CSS (and SASS mixins) in these file cannot stand on their own and require the above SASS CSS files to use them. The naming convention for these files will begin with '_' (underscore) :
  1. _media-queries.scss: This file will contain all the media queries for the responsive design implementation.
  2. _mixins.scss: this file contains all the mixins that have been created (and any future mixins).
  3. _normalize-mixins.scss: this file contains the mixins for normalize.scss file.
  4. _print.scss: this file contains all the CSS for the print version of the site.
  5. _variables.scss: this file contains all the variables that is used throughout the SASS CSS files.
  • functions: this folder contains all the SASS functions created. Each function will be placed in their own file. For ease of use, create an overloaded function that will be easier to type. For example in this boilerplate I have created a function called "responsive-font-size", I also have a function named "rs". The naming convention for these files will begin with '' (underscore)


Boilerplate for SASS CSS






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