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Maker Nightlight - WS2812, AtTiny84, Capacitance, Arduino.

Looks like this:

Getting Started

This is a project with a few moving parts, but most of the hard bits are done.
There's a limited amount of soldering, and some basic general making/wood skills required.
All soldering is through-hole.


Read through the diagram, pull all the parts together.
Check for sizes, make sure things fit.
Do do this project in parts - electronics, base, glass housing. This is the third iteration of this project, I make no guarantee that everything on this diagram is correct.



git clone

Open in Arduino IDE.

You'll need a way of flashing directly on to an ATTiny chip. I use a USBASP.

Download the following libraries:

  • CaptacitiveSensor
  • FastLED

And the following boards:


As far as I'm concerned, this project is done. However, I know there's a few bugs, and if you want to improve - feel free to fork and/or send pull requests. I may or may not merge.



This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the file for details


  • Adafruit - No libraries from them, no projects.
  • FastLED - Genuinely superb library for turning things on and off again.
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