Foldy Paper Wallet generates a wallet QR code offline, that can then be sent to your printer via Apples Air Print.
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Foldy Paper Wallet

Generate a Bitcoin paper wallet on your iPhone, without a browser. The Foldy Wallet app will generate both, a private key and a public bitcoin address. That can then be sent to your printer via Apples Air Print.

  • Control your own private keys
  • Secure your Bitcoins offline
  • No dependence on the security of any 3rd party


  1. Creation : Paper wallets are one of the most secure ways to store Bitcoins if done properly. Turn the phone to airplane mode to create an address offline. The app generates a public address, and a corresponding private key that unlocks funds in that address for spending. Once you're located in the print preview mode take the phone off airplane mode to send the rendered image of your key pair to the printer. WA-la, your Foldy Paper Wallet is complete.

  2. Receiving Bitcoins : Online, you can now send coins to the public paper address as you would any other bitcoin address. The record of the transaction to your paper wallet is online on the blockchain, and access to the bitcoins at that address is held offline with your private key.

  3. Sending Bitcoins : To monitor the balance of funds on your paper wallet in real time, use a bitcoin wallet that supports "watching" a public address. From the Blockchain-bitcoin wallet app, control of your private key is easily scanned into the application from the private key QR code.


Generate keys with the phone connection in airplane mode, and print with wifi to trusted printer. Do not share your private key! Do not generate wallets on a jailbroken device.


Foldy Paper Wallet is open source and available under the terms of the MIT license (MIT)