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when you do something like git submodule add…

…teor.git, the installation script will not be able to detect that the repos it is in is a git repository. In a git submodule, the .git is not a directory but merely a file.
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1 parent ca5990f commit 645ee085b62fbb34ebd449a5831e5692253baa96 @kiba committed Apr 14, 2012
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3 meteor
@@ -68,9 +68,8 @@ function install_dev_bundle {
-if [ -d "$SCRIPT_DIR/.git" ]; then
+if [ -d "$SCRIPT_DIR/.git" ] || [ -f "$SCRIPT_DIR/.git" ]; then
# In a checkout.
if [ ! -d "$SCRIPT_DIR/dev_bundle" ] ; then
echo "It's the first time you've run Meteor from a git checkout."
echo "I will download a kit containing all of Meteor's dependencies."

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