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everypage Logo

everypage is a website creator built with react. With everypage's declarative system, users write in JSON, focussing on their content, and get a gorgeous website built with exceptional SEO and performance.

This powers the everypage product, but is open source to allow customers to never be "tied in" to our hosted solution.

Project Structure

This project is a lerna monorepo. If you look in src/packages/, you will see the main parts of this project:

  • core - this contains the main everypage code. It contains all the sections and feature required to build a simple website with react.
  • cli - this is a wrapper around core that allows the creation of static sites. It's essentially a server side renderer optimized for use with core.
  • test - this is an example project with everypage. It contains json files that are compiled with the cli (and therefore core) to create a static website.
  • console - this is the project seen at It is a "hosted version" of everypage where you can use a visual editor to create websites with everypage and will manage the hosting for you.
  • building-api - this is a private API that makes the current version of the cli available via an API.


  1. Ensure you have installed node and npm.
  2. Run npm install to install lerna (read more about lerna here).
  3. Run npm run bootstrap to install all the dependencies used by all the packages.
  4. Run npm run start-console. This will start the everypage console on your local machine.
  5. Run npm run build-test. This will build the test project and create a deployable output in ./packages/test/dist.

everypage heavily leans on UI-React which is a React component library maintained by Kiba Labs. If you are considering contributing (please do!) it would be great to read up on some of the principles there as they follow through into this project.


everypage is mostly written by me (krishan711) at the moment. If you want help with contributing or even if you want help using everypage in your own application just reach out, I'd love to help 🙌.