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Kiberpipa's little Django based CMS for internal usage.
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Intranet is a web application based on Django framework for management of information in Kiberpipa NGO. Goal is to refactor current code to smaller modules and port to some existing CMS so that modules could be reused by someone else (eg. hackerspace).

Development setup


sudo apt-get install git python2.7 python2.7-dev python2.7-setuptools libpq-dev libldap2-dev libsasl2-dev

Get Kiberpipa intranet:

git clone git:// kiberpipa-intranet
cd kiberpipa-intranet

Install and run buildout:

ln -s buildout.d/development.cfg buildout.cfg

( is braindead and might want write access to /usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages. The simplest workaround is to temporarily change permissions of that directory to be writeable by your account. You can later delete files puts there and restore permissions without any obvious problems.)

Copy over default settings:

cp intranet/settings/ intranet/settings/

Create the (default is Sqlite3) database:

bin/django syncdb --all

Django will ask you to create user with administration privileges, follow instructions and remember username/password. Continue with migrations:

bin/django migrate --fake

Start the development server. Wohoo!:

bin/django runserver

Load testing data:

bin/django loaddata initial_db

Solr setup

If you want search to work you also need to setup a development instance of Solr.

Get the latest Apache Solr binary distribution:

tar -xzf apache-solr-3.5.0.tgz

Update the schema:

bin/django build_solr_schema > apache-solr-3.5.0/example/solr/conf/schema.xml

Add MoreLikeThisHandler to apache-solr-3.5.0/example/solr/conf/solrconfig.xml. Append the following lines inside the <config> tag:

<requestHandler name="/mlt" class="solr.MoreLikeThisHandler">
  <lst name="defaults">
    <int name="mlt.mindf">1</int>

Set the HAYSTACK_SOLR_URL in intranet/settings/

HAYSTACK_SOLR_URL = 'http://localhost:8983/solr/'

Start the server. Yay!:

cd apache-solr-3.5.0/example
java -jar start.jar

Coding standards

  • all code MUST be written in English
  • PEP8 coding style should be followed except 80 char line limit

Managing with translations

  • First you have to make some changes to translated strings (either in templates or code itself)
  • run bin/django makemessages -a (this will update translation strings into django.po)
  • vim locale/sl/LC_MESSAGES/django.po and translate new/updated strings
  • run bin/django compilemessages (this will generate file that is used for translations)
  • commit django.po and

Running tests


Deploying to staging (

To first time deploy intranet to hostname:

bin/fab remote_staging_deploy -H HOSTNAME -u REMOTE_USER

For staging to rebuild, you just need to update deploy branch and push:

git checkout deploy
git merge master
git push

Deploying from staging to production

bin/fab remote_production_deploy -H HOSTNAME -u REMOTE_USER
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