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PHP56 = docker run -it -v $(shell pwd):/data -w /data $(shell cat docker/php56.image)
PHP56MIN = docker run -it -v $(shell pwd):/data -w /data $(shell cat docker/php56-min.image)
.PHONY : all test test-local update docker dist clean
all : vendor/autoload.php
test : all docker/php56.image docker/php56-min.image
$(PHP56) vendor/bin/phpunit
$(PHP56MIN) vendor/bin/phpunit
test-local : all
update : all
composer update
dist : all
clean :
rm -f docker/*.image
vendor/autoload.php : composer.json composer.lock
composer install
docker/%.image : docker/% docker/entrypoint
docker build -q -f $< docker > $@~
mv $@~ $@
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