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Bucky is a CGI-based Gopher <-> HTTP proxy utility, primarily for
the Bucktooth Gopher server. It runs on top of an existing HTTP
server to provide access to your Bucktooth Gopherhole via HTTP.

Bucky may use buckd's -isproxy feature rather than opening sockets
and connecting to buckd like a gopher client, however it may also
connect over sockets, and thus is compatible with other Gopher
servers as well.

It takes a QUERY_STRING in the form of "#/SELECTOR", where # is
the Gopher item type of the resource. For resources like menus or
search results, it builds an HTML version.

Running as a normal CGI script, requests may look like:


which would request /mytextfile.txt from the Gopher server,
displaying it in plain text. If your HTTP server can "rewrite"
requests (such as Apache's mod_rewrite), Bucky can be told to
masquerade links appropriately such that Gopher-URI-like requests are
handled by the Gopher server and Bucky transparently. For example:


could be accompished under Apache mod_rewrite with rules like:

  RewriteRule "^/$" "/bucky.cgi"
  RewriteRule "^/(.)/(.*)$" "/bucky.cgi?$1/$2"

and USE_REWRITE + REWRITE_ROOT will tell Bucky how to build
appropriate URLs for all links. (see comments under USE_REWRITE
and REWRITE_ROOT in config.h)