Source files for generating 3D models
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Button_Switch_SMD.3dshapes Adding SW_SPST_PTS645 Aug 18, 2018
Button_Switch_THT.3dshapes Adding NKK_BB15AH switch Aug 2, 2018
Buzzer.3dshapes Add new TDK Buzzer Oct 4, 2018
Connector.3dshapes Move Connector pins to Connector_Pin Feb 2, 2018
Connector_BarrelJack.3dshapes Adding BarrelJack_CUI_PJ-063AH_Horizontal, BarrelJack_CUI_PJ-063BH_Ho… Jul 25, 2018
Connector_Card.3dshapes Adding microSD_HC_Hirose_DM3D-SF Aug 19, 2018
Connector_Coaxial.3dshapes added Molex MMCX 73415-0961 Sep 9, 2018
Connector_Pin.3dshapes Move Connector pins to Connector_Pin Feb 2, 2018
Connector_RJ.3dshapes Adding RJ45_Amphenol_RJHSE538X Aug 18, 2018
Connector_Samtec.3dshapes Pitch corrected and name changed Jul 24, 2018
Connector_USB.3dshapes Ajust new footprint) May 3, 2018
Crystal.3dshapes Added Crystal_SMD_SeikoEpson_MA40X Oct 28, 2018
Diode_SMD.3dshapes added several packages for diode bridges Jan 5, 2018
Diode_THT.3dshapes added SOD-70 and some SOD-68 3D models Apr 28, 2018
Display.3dshapes Merge pull request #100 from strombom/RC1602A-fix-pins Apr 23, 2018
Display_7Segment.3dshapes 3D models for HDSP serie (#109) Oct 22, 2018
Fuse.3dshapes rename to match footprints-repo Jan 8, 2018
Fuse_Holders_and_Fuses.3dshapes Merge pull request #61 from tk5ep/master Apr 5, 2018
Inductor_SMD.3dshapes Added Source code for TDK SLF serie of inductiors Oct 18, 2018
Inductor_THT.3dshapes added several of the old inductor THT 3D models Jan 10, 2018
LED_SMD.3dshapes Moved LED to LED_SMD Nov 23, 2017
LED_THT.3dshapes Added 3D models for LED_VCCLite 5381H serie Oct 24, 2018
OptoDevice.3dshapes Rename lowercase pin to Pin. Commit 2/2, final name. Feb 2, 2018
Oscillator.3dshapes readded/reexported several pre-existing 3D models Jan 8, 2018
Package_DIP.3dshapes correct folder suffixes Oct 27, 2018
Package_TO_SOT_SMD.3dshapes Merge pull request #92 from strombom/SOT-1210 Apr 6, 2018
Package_TO_SOT_THT.3dshapes added SOD-70 and some SOD-68 3D models Apr 28, 2018
Potentiometer_THT.3dshapes Manually recreated Oct 28, 2018
RF_Module.3dshapes Merge pull request #114 from true-nature/mw_twelite Oct 3, 2018
Relay_SMD.3dshapes added several more Omron relays and an Axicom IM Jleg 3D model Jan 14, 2018
Relay_THT.3dshapes Fixed incorrect body height. Fixed incorrect pin shapes. Fixed rotation. Sep 30, 2018
Resistor_SMD.3dshapes Merge pull request #156 from penoud/LVK24 Sep 6, 2018
Sensor_Audio.3dshapes Design renamed Jan 28, 2018
Sensor_Current.3dshapes pimped up the model Jun 24, 2018
Sensors.3dshapes Added FreeCAD model. Apr 23, 2017
TestPoint.3dshapes readded/reexported several pre-existing 3D models Jan 8, 2018
Transformer_SMD.3dshapes Adding Transformer_Ethernet_HALO_TG111-MSC13 Jul 11, 2018
Valve.3dshapes readded/reexported several pre-existing 3D models Jan 8, 2018
.gitignore [new] Sources for LEM_HO-NP 3d models Mar 17, 2017 Update and rename LICENSE to Sep 26, 2017 README: Clarify that models should be exported with FreeCAD and sourc… Jul 25, 2018


This repository contains source files for the 3D models found at

These source files can be in the form of:

  • Scripts - Scripts used to parametrically generate model files
  • Native 3D model Files - e.g. FreeCad or Solidworks models, (etc)

Please note that there will be preference for scripted and free open source program generated models due to maintenance reasons.

Also, even though models produced with proprietary software are accepted, the final file export should be made in FreeCAD using StepUp.