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Information about how to install, configure and use rtmom on your Openmoko Freerunner under SHR.


rtmom should be in SHR feeds already. Install with

opkg install rtmom

Not in your repositories? Install manually:

opkg install http://cloud.github.com/downloads/kichkasch/rtmom/pyrtm_0.2-r0.4_all.ipk
opkg install http://cloud.github.com/downloads/kichkasch/rtmom/rtmom_0.1.3_armv4t.ipk


You can apply settings in a configuration file in $HOME/.rtmom/conf for:

  • Tasks groups to show / hide
  • Whether to show completed tasks

With first execution of rtmom a file is placed there with default settings. You may edit for customization.


Start rtmom by clicking the icon on the desktop or type


in a shell.

First use

I assume, you have set up an account for the Remember the Milk service already.

First time you start rtmom, the credentials for your account have to be initiated. In order to do this you must start rtmom from a shell. (e.g. SSH from your desktop via USB) – otherwise rtmom will quit with an error message.
rtmom will recognize, that you haven’t yet created a security token for your account – please follow the instructions in the shell window. (All you need to do is confirming the link between the security token and your account).

rtmom will save this security token locally for later use.

All the time

For now, only reading your tasks is implemented:

  • At the top of the window you can choose your category from a drop down list.
  • Tasks are presented in a scrollable list; although scrolling seems to be a bit difficult with the current state of the used GUI framework.
  • Mark a selected (or detail-viewed) task complete. (This option only works if you are online)

Please note that rtmom will work on a local copy of tasks all the time (even when you shut down the application – in case there is no network connectivity). If you want to pull latest information from your account in the Net select the Update option from the action list.