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en.yml Translations is a syndication service organized into subs, similar to Reddit. All interaction with the site, such as linking and upvoting, is performed by Webmention. Discussion happens on blog posts themselves, as per Indieweb convention.

👋 Welcome to the translation project for This repo houses all of the text used throughout the site, to allow anyone to translate the text to a desired language.

To add a new language, please send a pull request containing your translation changes. The following steps must be taken for this translation to be accepted.

  • A language code must be created. For English, the en code is used; for German, the de code. The code is created by adding a YAML document named code.yml in the root directory of this repository. (The en.yml file should be used as a basis.)

  • The text of the file must be translated, but not the 'keys'. Keys, such as title, months-ago or howto-menu should stay in English. The file itself must be encoded as UTF-8.

Some entries have special syntax.

  • In the Time Display section of the file, certain entries must contain an X. This X will be replaced with the number of months or days that the text will represent.

  • The {{lang}} placeholder is replaced on the site with the language code created earlier.

Please note: For any keys which are not included in the translation, the site will default to the English text. This means that you can translate important pieces and gradually move the site to that language.

URLs for Each Language

The language code is also used in the URLs for pages.

The subs themselves will appear at:{{lang}}/sub-name.

Other instructional and feed pages will have the language code as a suffix:, for example.