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justinswart 🦡 [App Badges] Feature (#697)
* 🦡 [App Badges] Set badge count on activities tab bar item (#694)

* Set badge value on app launch based on current applicationIconBadgeNumber

* Add MockApplication.swift

* Move constant to within function, improve coalescing

* SwiftFormat

* 🦡 [App Badges] Update badge value on push and lifecycle events (#698)

* Update and clear unseen activity count on lifecycle events, push, user session

* Update badge value on current user updated instead of session started, clear value on activities refresh

* Fix tests

* Only clear activity count when we know that one is set, set badge value while on activities tab, update user in environment

* Remove redundant withEnvironment

* Prevent infinite loop

* Camel-case test functions

* Do not update user in environment if logged out

* Add logged out test

* 🦡 [App Badges] Improve voice-over support for badge value (#706)

* Add Strings.activities_badge_value_plus

* Handle badge value correctly when voice over is enabled
Latest commit a76f86a Jun 18, 2019
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