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Wirlds (Github Gameoff 2012 version)

Wirlds is a game where your hero explores a procedurally generated world to gather resources to craft the Branch of Nordrassil. The game is hosted here.

Gameplay Notes

  • Treasure chests increase your line of sight as well as increase your final score
  • Your final score is inversely proportional to the distance your hero traveled plus the amount of treasure chests found
  • Ores randomly give you a nonwood resource or none at all
  • Crystals correspond to one of the five environments you'll encounter (badlands, desert, grassland, forest, tundra).
  • Gold, sulfur, mercury, and gems appear at increasing altitudes away from water in that order
  • You can cheat by adding ?mapreveal in front of the url as a GET parameter (.ie http://localhost/wirlds/?mapreveal)
  • You can revisit a certain world by copying the seed number and putting it as your GET parameter (.ie http://localhost/wirlds/?1354314043038)


Download image assets here and save them to wirlds/client/img. This is because these are various sprites taken from Heroes of Might and Magic® 3, World of Warcraft®, and BrowserQuest. Then simply run the game by pointing your web server to wirlds/client. Tested on various platforms:

  • iOS 5, 6 on iPhone 4, 4S, 5
  • Android 2.3, 3.1, 4.1 on various tablets and mobile devices
  • IE 9, Chrome 21+, Firefox 16+, Safari 6.0+

Alternatively, you can build a minified version by simply running sh wirlds/build.sh and will create a clientbuild directory that can run the game. Note that the server directory is not used.