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fix for branches starting with 'to'

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1 parent 1dbbcd5 commit 6bdb9db752bde665bce8f628380d206047047022 @kidd committed Nov 20, 2012
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@@ -3891,7 +3891,7 @@ With prefix, forces the move even if NEW already exists.
((commit) (magit-name-rev (substring info 0 magit-sha1-abbrev-length)))
((wazzup) info)
(t (let ((lines (magit-git-lines "reflog")))
- (while (not (string-match "moving from \\(.*\\) to" (car lines)))
+ (while (not (string-match "moving from \\(.+?\\) to" (car lines)))
(setq lines (cdr lines)))
(when lines
(match-string 1 (car lines)))))))

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