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version 0.2.0
Warning : This version may break your previous installation.
I have updated the key storage process. It means that your indexes and uniques
and alike will not be compatible. But Fear no more, if you fetch your objects
(get_by_id) and save them again, everything will be back to normal.
You may want to delete your old keys
Lot of changes :
* DateTime objects are now TimeZone aware. They will store time in UTC. If you
don't specify any TZ, your local timezone will be assumed.
* List objects (for now) behaves like Python List.
* Optimization of Key Deletion when filtering.
* Dropped Base64 encoding as Redis is binary safe nowadays. Keys can now be
encoded in utf-8
* Unittests update
* speed : Fixed a bug where the filtered objects where sorted twice
* speed : Objects are now fetched entirely at first (except for Counters)
* speed : Refactor native redis object calls. The DELEGATEABLE_METHOD turned
out to be pretty inefficient
* speed : Optimization for caching (and returning) objects
version 0.1.3
* Initial version from the previous maintainers