DOS Batch Script for Launching PHP Built-in Webserver and Your Project in Chrome
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PHP DOS Launch

DOS Batch Script for Launching PHP Built-in Webserver and Your Project in Chrome

The Motivation

I work with PHP on a Windows machine. I like that PHP now has a built-in web server. If you don't know this, you can use the Command Prompt and browse the folder of your PHP project and run the following code:

php -S localhost:<port>

That port number can be any number you want. But to avoid conflicting any any existing services, I use a random number between 1000 to 2000. This is cool because I don't really need Apache to test my codes. Sometimes I use this when working with front-end projects too, where you use Ajax. On your local computer, Ajax don't work unless the HTML and Javascript runs from a webserver. So the PHP web server is convenient when testing my front-end works.

But anyhow, it still is a lot of steps from launching the Command Prompt to getting the project in the browser. Here are the steps that I normally take to do this:

  1. Launch command prompt
  2. use cd command to browse to specific folder
  3. run php -S localhost:<port> to launch PHP web server
  4. launch my web browser, I use Chrome
  5. type in http://localhost:<port> into the address bar and hit enter

One-Click with PHP DOS Launch

Now, PHP DOS Launch, I copy the two .bat files into my project folder. And when I am ready to test, I just double-click on launch.bat.


I assume you have php.exe in the PATH settings. launch.bat uses this. You may want to do that because your project folder may be anywhere. Otherwise, you can probably use a full path location to your php.exe like C:\xampp\php\php.exe.

Also, in my web.bat, I use Google Chrome on a Windows 8.1 settings. I am not sure where your Google Chrome is. Just make sure that it is pointed to the right location.