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Alt alertdialog list

This Phonegap plugin for Android will create the AlertDialog List where user choose from the options that you set. You can get the value back from the plugin success callback.

This is a stripped down, working Phonegap project example. But you still need to add your Cordova dependencies to make sure that your Phonegap project is working well.

For Phonegap 3.x. The example in this repo is based on the sample Phonegap application that you get when you build a sample Phonegap application from the command line.

Be sure to check the implementation in the HTML and Javascript in the following files:

  • assets/www/index2.html
  • assets/www/js/index2.js

When using this in a separate project, be sure to

  • update your res/xml/config.xml to include the plugin's package and the rests