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package embd
import "sync"
type spiBusFactory func(int, byte, byte, int, int, int, func() error) SPIBus
type spiDriver struct {
spiDevMinor int
initializer func() error
busMap map[byte]SPIBus
busMapLock sync.Mutex
sbf spiBusFactory
// NewSPIDriver returns a SPIDriver interface which allows control
// over the SPI bus.
func NewSPIDriver(spiDevMinor int, sbf spiBusFactory, i func() error) SPIDriver {
return &spiDriver{
spiDevMinor: spiDevMinor,
sbf: sbf,
initializer: i,
// Bus returns a SPIBus interface which allows us to use spi functionalities
func (s *spiDriver) Bus(mode, channel byte, speed, bpw, delay int) SPIBus {
defer s.busMapLock.Unlock()
b := s.sbf(s.spiDevMinor, mode, channel, speed, bpw, delay, s.initializer)
s.busMap = make(map[byte]SPIBus)
s.busMap[channel] = b
return b
// Close cleans up all the initialized SPIbus
func (s *spiDriver) Close() error {
for _, b := range s.busMap {
return nil
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