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Uses the Chef configuration management tool, specifically chef-solo to configure a remote server. This is the simplest way to get started with using Chef.


  • Make sure Chef is installed on the remote server you want to configure. See chef_bootstrap.rb to help.

  • Modify config/chef.json to specify the recipes from the 'cookbooks' dir you want to run

  • Run with 'rake cook'


When you run the 'rake cook' task it will:

  • rsync this entire directory to the location specified in 'REMOTE_CHEF_PATH' in the Rakefile

  • Run chef-solo on the remote machine using the config files in config/ and your cookbooks.

  • Run the 'test' recipe which creates the dir '/tmp/foobarbaz' on the remote machine.

  • Sprinkles magic dust on your server…


Most of the ideas and code here was cribbed from Just updated to match my understanding of the most recent config. My thanks to the author for giving me an excellent headstart.