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Welcome to the wiki for KidsCodeCamp at RailsConf 2012!

It will be taking place on Apr. 22 at the Hilton from 9:30AM - 4:30PM

Signup here to volunteer to help teach!


9:30A-11:30P: KidsRuby - (twitter: @deadprogram, github: @deadprogrammer) Age: Upper elementary, middle school, and beyond!

11:30P-12:30P: Lunch (sponsor needed!!!)

12:30P-1:30P: How To Make An iPhone Game - @adonoho (helping out @wpdavenport) Age: HS and up

1:30-2:30P Scratch - Corey Haines? (ch update: looks bad for making it) @wpdavenport

Age: Fun for all ages!

2:30P-3:00P: Snack (sponsor please!!!!)

3:00P-4:30P Modeling The Real World - Rich Kilmer? Age: HS and up