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Sustainable Networks

This repository contains the code and writing towards a (working draft of a) scholarly paper which presents a social network analysis of eco-groups in the UK using Twitter data from representative groups. The paper is written in R Markdown and for the most part, I'm using the conventions outlined by Kieran Healy here and is best viewed (I think) in R Studio though it will be reasonably comprehensible to anyone using a Markdown editor. If I'm not working in RStudio, I'm probably in Sublime text, FYI.

Eventually, R code will be integrated into the text of this document. The idea is that this will serve as "reproducible research" by which anyone can download the contents of this repository, execute the R code which will gather data used from open and sustainable repositories, and then conduct the analysis I've done. I'd be extremely happy if someone found errors, or imagined a more efficient means of analysis and either reported them as an issue on this github repository or sent me an email.

The actual article is in

The file network_analysis.r contains working code which will be eventually moved into a merged .RMd file.

Paths in this folder are used mostly for R processing. Towards this end folders have the following significance:

  • data contains datasets used for analysis.
  • derived_data contains files which represent modified forms of files in the above path.
  • figures contains images and visualisations (graphic files) which are generated by R for the final form of the document.
  • cache isn't included in github but is usually used for working files

Note: none of the contents of the above are included in the github repository unless they are unavailable from an external repository.


Working draft for a paper on Community Sustainability and Faith Groups in Scotland, using SNA to categorise group interactions







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