Project template for a service infrastructure stack with its own base networking
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This is a template project, so the intention is that you copy it to start a new project of your own. It's not particularly designed for updates, so as changes are made to the service, you need to fold them into your own services with a bit of care.

This project provisions infrastructure for a service stack, including code repository, pipeline, and some rudimentary tests. It includes its own base networking, so it has a VPC, subnets, routing, bastion, etc.

If you want to share a set of networking resources across multiple services, you should use the "bare" service stack template instead (coming soon!).


  1. Grab everything under the service-template folder.
  2. Copy the file to and edit it to suit your needs.
  3. Run make to see what you can do with it.
curl -LfOs
tar xzf latest.tar.gz spin-template-standalone-service-latest/service-template
mv spin-template-standalone-service-latest/service-template myservice
rmdir spin-template-standalone-service-latest
cp myservice/ myservice/


Download the latest template files and copy them over your project folder. Do this at your own risk!

curl -LfOs
tar xzf latest.tar.gz spin-template-standalone-service-latest/service-template
rsync -plrv spin-template-standalone-service-latest/service-template/ ./myservice/