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Source code

We use Git to manage our source code. The reference repositories are on GitHub:

To build our sources, follow the instructions in the README file in droolsjbpm-build-bootstrap.

  1. Edit the sources in your favorite IDE (such as IntelliJ IDEA, Eclipse or NetBeans).

    Developed withIntelliJ IDEA
  2. Optional: Use a Java profiler (such as JProfiler or VisualVM).


To learn more about git, read the free book Git Pro.

Tracking our changes

It’s easy to keep an eye on the source code changes on the project:

  • Go to the GitHub website.

  • Click on the repository you’re intrested in

  • Click on the link Commits to show the commit history.

  • You can subscribe to that feed with the orange feed icon link.

Continuous integration

We use Jenkins for continuous integration.

Show the Jenkins jobs. These are mirrors of a Red Hat internal Jenkins jobs.

Keep the builds green!