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Kie Server Prometheus Extension

To enable this extension, all that is needed is to set the following system property to false: org.kie.prometheus.server.ext.disabled=false. By default, this extension is disabled. Once the extension started, you can access the available metrics on ${context}/services/rest/metrics.
For example:

curl -u wbadmin:wbadmin http://localhost:8080/kie-server/services/rest/metrics  

Available metrics for Prometheus

Kie Server metrics

kie_server_start_time: Kie Server Start Time (Gauge)
kie_server_deployments_active_total: Kie Server Active Deployments (Gauge)
kie_server_container_running_total: Kie Server Running Containers (Gauge)
kie_server_container_started_total: Kie Server Started Containers (Counter)

Data Sets

kie_server_data_set_registered_total: Kie Server Data Set Registered (Gauge)
kie_server_data_set_lookups_total: Kie Server Data Set Running Lookups (Gauge)
kie_server_data_set_execution_time_seconds: Kie Server Data Set Execution Time (Summary)
kie_server_data_set_execution_total: Kie Server Data Set Execution (Counter)

Case Management

kie_server_case_duration_seconds: Kie Server Case Duration (Summary)
kie_server_case_running_total: Kie Server Running Cases (Gauge)
kie_server_case_started_total: Kie Server Started Cases (Counter)

Execution Error

kie_server_execution_error_total: Kie Server Execution Errors (Counter)


kie_server_job_running_total: Kie Server Running Jobs (Gauge)
kie_server_job_scheduled_total: Kie Server Started Jobs (Counter)
kie_server_job_executed_total: Kie Server Executed Jobs (Counter)
kie_server_job_cancelled_total: Kie Server Cancelled Jobs (Counter)
kie_server_job_duration_seconds: Kie Server Job Duration (Summary)


kie_server_process_instance_started_total: Kie Server Started Process Instances (Counter)
kie_server_process_instance_sla_violated_total: Kie Server Process Instances SLA Violated (Counter)
kie_server_process_instance_completed_total: Kie Server Completed Process Instances (Counter)
kie_server_process_instance_running_total: Kie Server Running Process Instances (Gauge)
kie_server_process_instance_duration_seconds: Kie Server Process Instances Duration (Summary)
kie_server_work_item_duration_seconds: Kie Server Work Items Duration (Summary)


kie_server_task_added_total: Kie Server Added Tasks (Counter)
kie_server_task_skipped_total: Kie Server Skipped Tasks (Counter)
kie_server_task_completed_total: Kie Server Completed Tasks (Counter)
kie_server_task_failed_total: Kie Server Failed Tasks (Counter)
kie_server_task_exited_total: Kie Server Exited Tasks (Counter)
kie_server_task_duration_seconds: Kie Server Task Duration (Summary)

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