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# To add news in the GitHub user interface, click on the Edit button at the top right which will submit a pull request.
# Available properties per important news
# newsId: Should be in format "yyyymmdd-suffix". The yyyymmdd is the date
# newsDate: Must be in format "yyyy-mm-dd". If multiple days cover our project, only note the first day
# newsTitle: News title.
# newsUrl: Link to the news page itself. If CFP not yet accepted, temporarily link the news organization itself.
# newsContent: News Content.
# Order news by date.
# Don't remove past news.
- newsId: 20180727-blog
newsDate: 2018-07-27
newsTitle: Take a look at jBPM 7.9
newsContent: Next release (this time sort of vacation) of jBPM is now out and ready for you to get started with it.
- newsId: 20180702-blog
newsDate: 2018-07-02
newsTitle: Take a look at jBPM 7.8
newsContent: Latest and greatest version of jBPM is available for download. Take it for a test drive.
- newsId: 20180326-blog
newsDate: 2018-03-26
newsTitle: Take a look at jBPM 7.7
newsContent: Another version of jBPM has just been released, a good reason to try it out!
- newsId: 20180131-blog
newsDate: 2018-01-31
newsTitle: Take a look at jBPM 7.6
newsContent: jBPM 7.6 has just been released, see what's new comes out with it.
- newsId: 20181206-blog
newsDate: 2017-12-06
newsTitle: Take a look at jBPM 7.5
newsContent: Release of jBPM 7.5 was just released, ready to be used at scale.
- newsId: 20171010-blog
newsDate: 2017-10-10
newsTitle: Take a look at jBPM 7.4
newsContent: 7.4 of jBPM has just been released, time to take it for a spin.
- newsId: 20170904-blog
newsDate: 2017-09-04
newsTitle: Take a look at jBPM 7.3
newsContent: And here it comes, jBPM 7.3 is out!
- newsId: 20170815-blog
newsDate: 2017-08-15
newsTitle: Take a look at jBPM 7.2
newsContent: Release of jBPM 7.2 was just pushed to Maven repositories so it's ready to be used.
- newsId: 20170714-blog
newsDate: 2017-07-14
newsTitle: Take a look at jBPM 7.1
newsContent: First minor release of version 7 is now available.
- newsId: 20170407-blog
newsDate: 2017-07-04
newsTitle: Take a look at jBPM 7.0
newsContent: Introducing case management, new admin APIs, dashboards, and much more!
- newsId: 20161025-blog
newsDate: 2016-10-25
newsTitle: jBPM 6.5.0.Final release
newsContent: A few more requested features are now available in the jBPM 6.5 release.
- newsId: 20160416-blog
newsDate: 2016-04-19
newsTitle: jBPM 6.4.0.Final release
newsContent: A new look and feel and more features in jBPM 6.4.
- newsId: 20150928-blog
newsDate: 2015-09-28
newsTitle: jBPM 6.3.0.Final release
newsContent: A lot of powerful new features were added in the jBPM 6.3 release.
- newsId: 20150306-blog
newsDate: 2015-03-06
newsTitle: jBPM 6.2.0.Final released
newsContent: jBPM 6.2 bits have been released ! Find out everything you need to know, including the new features, in the announcement.
- newsId: 20140910-blog
newsDate: 2014-09-10
newsTitle: jBPM 6.1.0.Final available
newsContent: jBPM 6.1 is now available ! Check out the new features, documentation and how to get started.
- newsId: 20140509-blog
newsDate: 2014-05-09
newsTitle: Deep Dive into jBPM6
newsContent: Presentation and demo on jBPM6 from Red Hat Summit 2014 now available on demand.
- newsId: 20140313-blog
newsDate: 2014-03-13
newsTitle: Red Hat announces JBoss BPM Suite (supporting jBPM6)
newsContent: As a result, you can now get official support for developing and deploying your jBPM6 applications.