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jBPM Migration Tool Project

The goal of this project is to provide for existing users of jBPM some migration tooling to assist with moving to jBPM5. There will be a phases approach taken to this tooling project as follows:

  • provide for jPDL3 to BPMN2 ProcessDefinitionMigration (XML)
    • CLI tool
    • get it included in JBoss Tools (like right mouse on process definition to convert)
  • provide for tooling to map jBPM3 API usage to jBPM5 API usage
    • scan a code base or project
    • provide suggested mappings
    • provide list of non-mappable calls or calls needing human intervention
  • provide jPDL4 to BLPMN2 process definition migration (XML)
    • same as initial tooling, just extended for jBPM4
  • provide for tooling to map jBPM4 API usage to jBPM5 API usage
    • same as initial tooling, just extended for jBPM4

All of this projects development work will be based on provided use cases. If you have use cases that we are unable to correctly process please feel free to submit!

Here you will find the jBPM migration tool progress and status.

jBPM Migration guidance

A series of articles can be found here that will provide you with practical guidance when preparing to migrate your existing processes based on jPDL to BPMN2:

How to setup & use the jBPM Migration tool

We have put together a short jbpm migration quickstart document to help you get up and running with the jBPM Migration tooling, let us know what you think.

Raise an issue, bug or feature request?

Get our attention here.


The project code can be found at github..


jbpmmigration v0.14 (15 Jun 2015)

jbpmmigration v0.13 (07 Mar 2014)

jbpmmigration v0.12 (16 Jul 2013)

jbpmmigration v0.11 (06 Jan 2012)

jbpmmigration v0.10 (03 Jan 2012)

jbpmmigration v0.9 (04 Sep 2011)

jbpmmigration v0.8 (30 May 2011)

jbpmmigration v0.7 (22 Apr 2011)

jbpmmigration v0.6 (15 Apr 2011)

jbpmmigration v0.5 (23 Mar 2011)

jbpmmigration v0.4 (11 Mar 2011)

jbpmmigration v0.3 (14 Feb 2011)

jbpmmigration v0.2 (05 Feb 2011)

jbpmmigration v0.1 (24 Jan 2011)

Development team

Maurice de Chateau

Eric D. Schabell

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