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0.19.2 (alpha)


NOTE: This release only contains Chrome extensions, as there was an error publishing them on 0.19.0 and 0.19.1

  • KOGITO-7155 - Update Chrome Extension manifest version
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0.19.1 (alpha)


NOTE: This release only contains Chrome extensions, as there was an error publishing them on 0.19.0

  • KOGITO-7155 - Update Chrome Extension manifest version
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0.19.0 (alpha)

  • KOGITO-6210 - BPMN editor loses data assignment
  • KOGITO-6399 - DMN Expression Editor - undo decision table annotation column
  • KOGITO-6417 - [DMN Designer] Undo/redo in Boxed Expression Editor for editable cells is not working properly
  • KOGITO-6911 - Adding a new DMN Runner input row using the Form '+' button is broken
  • KOGITO-6932 - DMN editor: text annotation is not saved correctly when creating it by copy and paste
  • KOGITO-6956 - [Chrome extensions] See as diagram button is missing for PR view
  • KOGITO-7067 - [DMN Designer] DMN Editor: Slowness while opening large DMN file
  • KOGITO-6859 - [DMN Editor] Enabling Import Java Classes feature
  • KOGITO-6608 - Implement header cells keyboard navigation and editing on the Boxed Expression component
  • KOGITO-6915 - Add visual regression tests to Cypress
  • KOGITO-6918 - [DMN Designer] interaction with Name and Data Type popover with keyboard
  • KOGITO-7040 - [DMN Designer] Finalizing Import Java Classes
  • KOGITO-6972 - Add zoom control buttons to the mermaid generated SVG
  • KOGITO-6780 - [SWF Editor] Validation
  • KOGITO-6787 - Add validation errors to the VSCode Problems Tab
  • KOGITO-6786 - Implement a validation service for workflows
  • KOGITO-6788 - Add validation errors inline in the Monaco editor
  • KOGITO-6876 - [SWF Editor] Create Chrome Extension
  • KOGITO-6883 - [SWF Editor] Create a Language Service for Serverless Workflow
  • KOGITO-7103 - Wrong save behavior on desktop channel
  • KOGITO-7096 - DMN Runner - form empty state is not working
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0.18.1 (alpha)

  • KOGITO-6983 - Update @severlessworkflow/sdk-typescript to 3.0.3
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0.18.0 (alpha)

  • KOGITO-5735 - Stunner - Provide an initial JS / TS API to interact with nodes and connectors
  • KOGITO-6899 - [SWF Editor] Integrate Service Catalog with Service Registries on Red Hat Hybrid Cloud Console
  • KOGITO-6562 - [SWF Editor] Make Service Catalog available through autocomplete
  • KOGITO-6830 - Remove kie-soup-bomdependency from the stunner-editors package
  • KOGITO-6832 - Stunner - Update Tooltip message for Priority property in Task
  • KOGITO-6841 - Remove kie-parent from the stunner-editors package
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0.17.0 (alpha)


NOTE: This release only contains VS Code extensions, as was down at the time. We expect that the next release will feature all artifacts.

  • KOGITO-4936 - [DMN Designer] React/GWT - Import Java classes as data objects on Kogito - UI component
  • KOGITO-6276 - [DMN Designer] Integrate Import Java Classes component to JavaCodeCompletion service
  • KOGITO-4686 - Cannot open DMN/BPMN files from command line with VS Code
  • KOGITO-6693 - Java code completion configuration
  • KOGITO-6704 - [DMN Designer] Data Type Constraint overflow on Documentation page
  • KOGITO-6793 - vsix file doesn't work correctly
  • KOGITO-6421 - [DMN Designer] new editor toggle sanity checks are disabled for decision tables
  • KOGITO-6496 - Remove unused/unnecessary dependencies with KIE V7 from stunner-editors
  • KOGITO-6671 - [DMN Designer] Question, Allowed Answers on Documentation page
  • KOGITO-6703 - [DMN Designer] Text Annotation on Documentation page
  • KOGITO-6181 - Stunner-based editors are losing focus when asked for the SVG
  • KOGITO-6554 - Serverless Workflow Editor VS Code PoC (Milestone 0)
  • KOGITO-6645 - Serverless Workflow VS Code Extension
  • KOGITO-6558 - [SW Editor] - YAML support
  • KOGITO-6646 - Marshaller Issues
  • KOGITO-6647 - Upgrade Extension for 0.8 specification
  • KOGITO-6648 - Migrate Extension to KIE Tools Repository
  • KOGITO-6795 - Serverless Workflow Editor Issues
  • KOGITO-6807 - Implement undo, redo and isDirty
  • KOGITO-6796 - Fetch error on console when opening the editor
  • KOGITO-6828 - Monaco font is not configured properly
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0.16.0 (alpha)

  • KOGITO-1387 - Loading animation doesn't work on Safari
  • KOGITO-1933 - 'Loading spin forever' on Desktop/Hub on Windows due to long paths
  • KOGITO-6144 - DMN Editor missing xml-prolog for UTF-8 encoding
  • KOGITO-6193 - [DMN Designer] new editor toggle sanity checks are broken
  • KOGITO-6301 - Changing data type doens´t resize the table correctly
  • KOGITO-6302 - Changing data types can break the inputs
  • KOGITO-6323 - DMN "Elbow lines" for association doesn't work
  • KOGITO-6404 - Remove unused loggers in Dashbuilder
  • KOGITO-6405 - Improve VSCode Java Completion Plugin dependency versions
  • KOGITO-6544 - [KIE Sandbox] Can't open files with upper-case extensions
  • KOGITO-6572 - [DMN Editor] Styling regression
  • KOGITO-2151 - Define Scope, plan and implementation
  • KOGITO-5793 - Remove Hub from Kogito Tooling
  • KOGITO-6249 - Check if there are new changes in the Gist before force-pushing
  • KOGITO-6407 - kogito-editors-java browserlist is outdated
  • KOGITO-6412 - [KIE Sandbox] Add sync status indicator to all workspaces that can be synced (including gists with a single file)
  • KOGITO-6441 - [KIE Sandbox] Create responsive dropdown component
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0.15.0 (alpha)

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0.14.0 (alpha)

  • KOGITO-2099 - Generate a SVG diagram automatically on each BPMN/DMN diagrams save
  • KOGITO-6083 - [DMN Designer] Improve BKM description rendering on documentation tab
  • KOGITO-5973 - Stunner - Create an initial JS / TS API for accessing the canvas and its elements
  • FAI-622 - ScoreCard: MiningField validation
  • FAI-579 - Mining Schema (PMML Editor test Suite)
  • KOGITO-2133 - [VSCode] Custom editor save issues
  • KOGITO-2553 - Editors - Editing the node name and pressing enter to confirm
  • KOGITO-6033 - [DMN Designer] Unreadable data type information in PDF document that shows DMN decision model
  • KOGITO-6037 - [DMN Designer] Background color do not work on DMN Editor (online and VSCode)
  • KOGITO-6021 - [DMN Designer] Multiple DRDs - Renaming a DRD freezes the browser