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# To add a user in the GitHub user interface, click on the Edit button at the top right which will submit a pull request.
# Available properties per user
# userId: Should be the same as githubUsername
# fullName: First name and last name (in that order)
# role: Role in relation to this project
# gravatarHashId: Used to show your avatar image. Change your avatar any time at
# To find the gravatar hash id, use: "echo -n | md5sum"
# googlePlusId: (optional)
# twitterUsername: without the @ (optional)
# facebookUsername: (optional)
# githubUsername: (optional)
# email: It's best to anti-spam this (optional)
# employedBy: (optional)
# ircNickname: (optional)
# contributionsDescription: only work related to this project (optional)
# biography: (optional)
- userId: ge0ffrey
fullName: Geoffrey De Smet
role: OptaPlanner lead
gravatarHashId: 27147a6679a4bfb6461ff1c0ae10473e
googlePlusId: +GeoffreyDeSmet
twitterUsername: GeoffreyDeSmet
githubUsername: ge0ffrey
email: AT
employedBy: Red Hat
ircNickname: ge0ffrey
biography: Geoffrey founded OptaPlanner in 2006 and has been working for Red Hat since 2010.
- userId: triceo
fullName: Lukáš Petrovický
role: Quality engineering lead
gravatarHashId: c950743f532471ac34022e92193563c3
githubUsername: triceo
employedBy: Red Hat
ircNickname: triceo
- userId: snurkabill
fullName: Jiří Vahala
role: Quality engineer
gravatarHashId: 1ad0d21dbd341c743c374e057e2930f1
githubUsername: snurkabill
ircNickname: jvahala/snurkabill
- userId: yurloc
fullName: Jiří Locker
role: OptaPlanner Workbench developer
gravatarHashId: c4e5f1a35064cb21de3b3e4bf5bd7ae8
githubUsername: yurloc
employedBy: Red Hat
ircNickname: jlocker
- userId: rsynek
fullName: Radovan Synek
role: Quality engineer
gravatarHashId: f1b0cd1c06b5697dbc91f02ea00f3090
githubUsername: rsynek
employedBy: Red Hat
ircNickname: rsynek
- userId: prakasharadhya
fullName: Prakash Aradhya
role: Product Manager
gravatarHashId: 0e962aaeed5d03db94e8374677cddc72
twitterUsername: prakasharadhya
employedBy: Red Hat
- userId: DuncanDoyle
fullName: Duncan Doyle
role: Technical Marketing Manager
gravatarHashId: 6d3eaffeaf61a8f3ea86c2d0b701bc2d
twitterUsername: DuncanDoyle
githubUsername: DuncanDoyle
email: ddoyle AT
employedBy: Red Hat
ircNickname: ddoyle
- userId: elsam
fullName: Sam Van Malderen
role: Contributor
gravatarHashId: ff1d2abc4474045c8cad7c95975eda63
githubUsername: elsam
ircNickname: elsam
contributionsDescription: Genetic algorithms prototype
- userId: fhornain
fullName: Frederic Hornain
role: Contributor
gravatarHashId: 8eb1897dda40d25fd65697872e4a8480
twitterUsername: fhornain
githubUsername: fhornain
employedBy: Red Hat
contributionsDescription: Example improvements (code and images)
- userId: mcimbora
fullName: Matej Čimbora
role: OptaPlanner Workbench developer
gravatarHashId: b423d5e811dc7d6f003944b2d31df407
githubUsername: mcimbora
employedBy: Red Hat
ircNickname: mcimbora
contributionsDescription: BenchmarkAggregator and more
- userId: oskopek
fullName: Ondrej Škopek
role: Contributor and intern
gravatarHashId: fa169c92202fdd8203f45daa96e69933
googlePlusId: +OndrejSkopekOS
twitterUsername: oskopek
githubUsername: oskopek
ircNickname: oskopek
contributionsDescription: OptaPlanner Benchmarker improvements
- userId: mdproctor
fullName: Mark Proctor
role: KIE lead
gravatarHashId: 461df23df429c87550d3ce25c95d182b
twitterUsername: markproctor
githubUsername: mdproctor
employedBy: Red Hat
ircNickname: conan
- userId: etirelli
fullName: Edson Tirelli
role: Drools lead
gravatarHashId: 1b7f091584d6362942215fa51d5913ba
twitterUsername: edsontirelli
githubUsername: etirelli
employedBy: Red Hat
ircNickname: etirelli
- userId: mariofusco
fullName: Mario Fusco
role: Drools developer
gravatarHashId: 9eafc29df96e6aaf4a3eb4c0209086ae
twitterUsername: mariofusco
employedBy: Red Hat
githubUsername: mariofusco
ircNickname: mfusco
- userId: mbiarnes
fullName: Michael Biarnes Kiefer
role: Release engineer
gravatarHashId: b259671a57bb987c00a2e1ba37ff05c5
employedBy: Red Hat
githubUsername: mbiarnes
employedBy: Red Hat
ircNickname: mbiarnes
- userId: gsheldon
fullName: Gemma Sheldon
role: Documentation writer
gravatarHashId: 8a55491fdc7512af28178979162e1230
employedBy: Red Hat
githubUsername: gsheldon
employedBy: Red Hat
- userId: rbourner
fullName: Richard Bourner
role: Contributor
gravatarHashId: df02e4b2e357e04e322e6b66bb24d795
googlePlusId: rialbo
githubUsername: rbourner
employedBy: Red Hat
- userId: tdavid
fullName: Tomáš David
role: Contributor
gravatarHashId: 2cfce770aad70db47b7613dd20010c98
googlePlusId: +tomasdavidorg
githubUsername: tomasdavidorg
ircNickname: tdavid
contributionsDescription: Vehicle routing problem android application
- userId: bibryam
fullName: Bilgin Ibryam
role: Contributor
gravatarHashId: 279246bd111a7c211134179eddb94afa
googlePlusId: +BilginIbryam
twitterUsername: bibryam
githubUsername: bibryam
ircNickname: bibryam
employedBy: Red Hat
contributionsDescription: Camel-optaplanner improvements
- userId: psiroky
fullName: Petr Široký
role: Release engineer
gravatarHashId: e8eb2caefbe452befc919ea0977864c1
employedBy: Red Hat
githubUsername: psiroky
employedBy: Red Hat
ircNickname: psiroky
- userId: mdanter
fullName: Matyas Danter
role: Contributor
gravatarHashId: bd0aa87d8591be9c05a5409bba500bad
googlePlusId: +matyasdanter
twitterUsername: mdanter
githubUsername: mdanter
email: mdanter AT
employedBy: Red Hat
ircNickname: mdanter
- userId: blackjack92
fullName: Kevin Wallis
role: Contributor
gravatarHashId: f8a8d5e6294ccd238be50c59c1ba6205
githubUsername: blackjack92
- userId: mrietveld
fullName: Marco Rietveld
role: Contributor
gravatarHashId: d4dacb2e9fe88961621b8a89d119c6aa
twitterUsername: marcorietveld
githubUsername: mrietveld
ircNickname: mriet
- userId: Christopher-Chianelli
fullName: Christopher Chianelli
role: OptaShift Employee Rostering developer
gravatarHashId: 16f228a9f340e2a2ca5b42485a17bc3d
githubUsername: Christopher-Chianelli
employedBy: Red Hat
ircNickname: cchianel
- userId: MusaTalluzi
fullName: Musa Talluzi
role: OptaPlanner developer
gravatarHashId: c223f1f4a939fe1d021c98dbdab74876
twitterUsername: musatalluzi
githubUsername: MusaTalluzi
email: mtalluzi AT
employedBy: Red Hat
ircNickname: mtalluzi
- userId: jgoldsmith613
fullName: Justin Goldsmith
role: Contributor
gravatarHashId: 25cf632d99aec21bfcc60cebbdaa37b5
githubUsername: Contributor
employedBy: Red Hat