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Report an issue

Issue tracker (JIRA)

We welcome all issue reports (bugs, improvements, new feature requests, …​) in our JIRA issue tracker. Log in and click on the button Create Issue.

We prioritize issues based on:

We prefer issues with:

  • A clear, specific title

    • Specify the context

    • Distinguish between the old behaviour and the desired behaviour: use the words should or should not.

    • For example:

      • Bad: OptaPlanner throws a NullPointerException

      • Good: Exhaustive Search with FULL_ASSERT should not throw a NullPointerException

  • A clear reproduce recipe

    • If possible, adjust an existing example to reproduce the issue and attach the modified files to the JIRA issue.

    • Otherwise, attach a standalone project zip with a Maven or Gradle file and specify in the JIRA issue which main class to run.

Pull requests on GitHub

Want to fix the issue yourself? Fork the git repository and send in a pull request. We usually process all pull requests within a few days.