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Drools Planner renamed to OptaPlanner

In 2013, as of version 6.0.0.Beta1, Drools Planner was renamed to OptaPlanner.

What is OptaPlanner (AKA Drools Planner)?

Why change the name?

OptaPlanner is the new name for Drools Planner. OptaPlanner is now standalone, but can still be optionally combined with the Drools rule engine for a powerful declarative approach to planning optimization.

  • OptaPlanner has graduated from the Drools project to become a top-level JBoss Community project.

    • OptaPlanner is not a fork of Drools Planner. We simply renamed it.

    • OptaPlanner (the planning engine) joins its siblings Drools (the rule engine) and jBPM (the workflow engine) in the KIE group.

  • Our commitment to Drools hasn’t changed.

    • The efficient Drools rule engine is still the recommended way to do score calculation.

    • Alternative score calculation options, such as pure Java calculation (no Drools), also remain fully supported.

How will this affect your business?

From a business point of view, there’s little or no change:

  • The mission remains unchanged:

    • We’re still 100% committed to put business resource optimization in the hands of normal Java developers.

  • The license remains unchanged:

    • OptaPlanner still has the same open source license, Apache Software License 2.0.

  • The release lifecycle remains unchanged:

    • OptaPlanner is still released at the same time as Drools and jBPM.

  • Red Hat is considering support subscription offerings for OptaPlanner as part of its BRMS and BPM platforms.

    • A Tech Preview of OptaPlanner is targeted for BRMS 6.0.

What has changed?

  • The website has changed to

  • The distributions artifacts have changed name:

    • Jar names changes:

      • drools-planner-core-.jar is now optaplanner-core-.jar

      • drools-planner-benchmark-.jar is now optaplanner-benchmark-.jar

    • Maven identification groupId’s and artifactId’s changes:

      • groupId org.drools.planner is now org.optaplanner

      • artifactId drools-planner-core is now optaplanner-core

      • artifactId drools-planner-benchmark is now optaplanner-benchmark

    • As usual, for more information see the Upgrade Recipe in the download zip.

  • The API’s namespace has changed.

    • As usual, see the upgrade recipe on how to deal with this efficiently.

    • Starting from 6.1.0.Final, OptaPlanner will have a 100% backwards compatible API.

  • OptaPlanner gets its own IRC channels on Freenode:

    • #optaplanner

    • #optaplanner-dev