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Testimonials and Case Studies

OptaPlanner is used all over the world to optimize all kinds of planning problems. A fraction of our users have shared their story publicly:

Case Studies

Articles (non-English)

3rd party open source projects

  • Wedding Tables Planner (Web - Core): uses OptaPlanner with OpenShift, Scala, Play, AngularJS, …​

  • OptaConf Conference Planner uses OptaPlanner with JavaEE 7 (JAXRS, CDI, WildFly) to expose a REST service.

  • Farm optimization uses OptaPlanner with Drools DSL and EMF.


  • OptaPlanner rocks! Complex planning problems solving & optimization made easy. We love it! - Vincent Eggen

  • Thanks to OptaPlanner we are able to provide fast and affordable automated resource planning cloud service to IT organisations in Germany. - Reinis Vicups

  • changed from OpenOpt to OptaPlanner to provide optimised delivery routes - Magic Hat Solutions

  • Using OptaPlanner for the first time, I was able to build a proof-of-concept for a complex scheduling and packing problem in less than 2 days. - Jannes Verstichel

  • OptaPlanner (as well as Drools) rocks! - Juan Ignacio Sánchez

  • There are few things more satisfying in life than getting an OptaPlanner system up and running. It’s like magic. - Cedric Hurst

  • It is very easy to add custom modules on top of OptaPlanner’s elegant framework. - Isaac Zhang

Share your story

If you would like share a case study, article or 1-line testimonial, let us know: we might add it here and share it on the OptaPlanner Twitter and Facebook.