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Error during CtrlP initialization #281

ngquerol opened this Issue · 4 comments

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The following happens each time CtrlP is initialized:

Erreur détectée en traitant function ctrlp#init..ctrlp#setlines..ctrlp#mixed#init..<SNR>52_getnewmix..ctrlp#files.<SNR>50_GlobPath..<SNR>50_GlobPath..<SNR>50_GlobPath..<SNR>50_GlobPath :
ligne    1 :
E16: Plage invalide

The only option set in vimrc is "let g:ctrlp_cmd = 'CtrlPMixed'".


Does this happen everywhere or only in some directories? Does it happen with other commands like :CtrlPBuffer?

Without more information, it looks like it has something to do with the directory you are currently in. Line 1 of GlobPath is just a call to Vim's globpath(). The E16: Invalid range error otherwise makes no sense in the context of this function.

You can test by running :CtrlP path/to/an/empty/directory, where path/to/an/empty/directory is the path to any directory with no files and no sub directories.


It seems to happen only my home directory, when commands like <CtrlP> or <CtrlPDir> are invoked.

Testing CtrlP in an empty directory results in no error...

@kien kien referenced this issue from a commit
@kien Improve filename and path escaping
Refs #281

Let me know if 10bbbfa changes anything.


Yup, it's all good now. Thank you for the amazing plugin by the way !

@ngquerol ngquerol closed this
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